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Games and activities to teach your toddler colors
Being able to differentiate between various colors is a necessary skill your son will use throughout the rest of his homeschool program.
How to help with toddler speech development
Speech development is essential while your little one is in his toddler years.
How to prep your little one for homeschool programs
Your toddler will eventually begin homeschool programs, and doing so can be a bit of an adjustment.
How toy blocks can help your toddler develop
As kids grow older, reaching toddler years, playing games becomes their method of understanding the world and developing mental and physical abilities. 
Educational car games for your toddler
Your little one might not have the patients for all the driving you'll do this summer, but playing games can make the trip go faster.
Educational toddler play date ideas
Your toddler may not be totally ready to jump into his homeschool programs, but he can start learning important skills.