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Talking about English texts
As you plan a lesson centered around a passage or chapter, use these tips for fostering effective discussions.
Tips for integrating digital learning at home
Working with your children's interest in digital technology, rather than fighting against it, can keep them engaged in what they're learning.
Infusing gamification into your child's education
Gamification is the application of game-design mechanics to areas unrelated to gaming, and it can become part of your child's education.
3 activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year
As you teach your child about other cultures during your homeschool program, consider integrating a celebration of the Chinese New Year into your curriculum!
What is digital learning?
What is "digital learning?" You've likely heard these buzzwords before, but as a parent who is deeply invested in your child's education, we know you're going to want to know more about how digital learning is affecting the approach to academics.
Throw a Valentine's Day party for your homeschool co-op
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're a member of a homeschool co-op, this is the perfect opportunity to inject an extra dose of fun into your curriculum for homeschooling!