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What's the difference between the SAT and the ACT?
As your homeschooler starts preparing for graduation and college applications (big steps are coming up), you've probably come across two important tests: the ACT and the SAT.
Who should your child ask for letters of recommendation?
As your teen nears the end of his homeschool program and gets ready to apply for college, he'll need to compile letters of recommendation.
How to narrow down your teen's college search
Help your homeschooler narrow down her college search by asking these key questions.
5 tips for saving for college
If sending your children to college is one of your main parental goals, then you likely know just how expensive it can be.
Is a small college right for your homeschooler?
One of the first big decisions your teen will need to make during the college search process is whether he would prefer a large or small school.
4 mistakes your daughter should avoid when applying to college
It's important to remember that there a few pitfalls many students make when filling out their applications and considering college in general.