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MCP Plaid Phonics- Grade 1- Lara's Place
"I am very impressed with how well Mr. T has progressed in such a short time. Not only is he beginning to grasp blending the sounds to make the words, he is getting extra writing practice in doing the worksheets!"- Lara's Place
enVision Math- Grade 1 - Ponder the Path
Jasmine Lucero
"The most exciting thing for my son was the “games” in the tablet. Each unit has a game that reinforces the concepts learned in the unit." - Ponder the Path
enVision Math- Grade 1- Motherhood on a Dime
Stacie Nelson
"Not only does it have bright, beautifully-colored consumable workbook pages (which Hannah loves); it also has hands-on games for every math unit in the student book."- Motherhood on a Dime
enVision Math- Grade 1- Teach Beside Me
Karyn Tripp
"The workbook is colorful with fun illustrations and eye-catching activities on every page. The lessons are organized by topics and then lessons within each topic. Each lesson has learning activities, word problems, and home connections and activities to do together." - Teach Beside Me
enVision Math- Grade 1- Sam's Noggin
Sam's Noggin
"The text for each lesson is brief, to the point, and not overwhelming. Lessons are further cemented with kid friendly pictures and drawings that engage Leah in what is being taught." - Sam's Noggin
myWorld Social Studies- Grade 1- Joyful Mothering
Christin Slade
"The first lesson was so great and she really took interest in what the children on the DVD had to say about “cooperation”. (And seriously, they were so cute!)"- Joyful Mothering
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