5th Grade Math

Engage Every Learner with enVisionMATH

As your child continues through his or her math education, he or she will be ready to take on more challenging coursework. enVisionMATH: Grade 5 not only provides the appropriate difficulty level, it also ensures your child has built up to it. enVisionMATH is a math curriculum for homeschooling that uses visual aids and interactive activities to develop and solidify your child's subject knowledge. By the time you start using enVisionMATH: Grade 5, your child will have a strong foundation in mathematics that will help him or her master math education in the future.

The enVisionMATH curriculum will be your guide from K-6 as you prepare lessons for your child's homeschool program. Grade 5 is the next step in that journey. With the help of the colorful and detailed images provided in the curriculum materials, you'll be able to educate your child to the best of their abilities.

enVisionMATH: Grade 5 is a unique program because it addresses the needs of children multiple learning styles. The graphs and drawings help visual learners digest the information, while computer-based quizzes and on-paper activities help kinesthetic learners grasp and absorb math concepts. No matter what style your child prefers, he or she will complete Grade 5 being able to:

  • Understand and properly execute the order of operations in math equations (i.e., multiplication takes place before addition, and so on).
  • Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using multi-digit numbers, with or without decimals.
  • Grasp and use numeric expressions of equations, such as (3 x 5) - 8.
  • Use fractions in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Use graphs and charts to express numbers.
  • Understand and find volume and area of a shape.
  • Use prior knowledge to solve word problems.

enVisionMATH: Grade 5 brings out your child's problem-solving skills, helping him or her to use abstract and quantitative reasoning. As you work through the curriculum, you should notice your child not only using math concepts, but explaining them accurately.


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