Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar

9th Grade English

Throughout elementary studies, your child developed a fundamental understanding of English/language arts. However, as he or she progressed in his or her education, you introduced more challenging and pointed concepts. At least, that's the way Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar works. The further along your child gets in his or her academic career, the more focused the homeschool program will be.

Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar is an English/language arts program geared toward children in middle and high school. Each level of the curriculum addresses three main topics: Writing, Grammar Usage and Mechanics, and Academic and Workplace Skills. By delving deep into these areas, you'll help your child develop a complete and comprehensive understanding of English/language arts.

Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 9 is the first in the high school-level curriculum for homeschooling. The material is more challenging than in past Grades, helping your child prepare for college and beyond. In fact, the Academic and Workplace Skills portion of the program imparts abilities your child will use the rest of his or her academic career, such as critical thinking and test-taking skills.

The Grade 9 material can help your child focus on building these key skills:

  • Understand and apply sentence construction, including modifiers and parallel structure.
  • Display understanding of grammar mechanics in writing.
  • Compose full-length essays with little to no errors.
  • Research, draft and edit an essay.
  • Write a variety of essay types that demonstrate reasoning and analytical abilities.

The materials included in Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 9 may help you achieve these and other goals throughout the homeschool year.