MCP Comprehension Plus

1st Grade English

The ability to glean information from reading a text is called comprehension. As your child learns to read, he or she should also develop comprehension skills. That way, your child will walk away from the assignment with plenty of knowledge and be able to answer questions about what he or she just read. Of course, like any other skill, comprehension requires practice. For this reason, you may consider adding comprehension to your homeschool program lineup.

Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Comprehension Plus is a curriculum for homeschooling that helps your child grasp the important strategies he or she will need to use to comprehend written texts. With direct instruction, hands-on activities, and opportunities for both reading and writing, MCP Comprehension Plus is the perfect guide for you and your child.

The program is structured to help your child understand the concepts you introduce. Using the teacher's guide, you'll be able to create lessons that begin with subject-matter instruction. Once you introduce the basics of the lesson to your child, you can help him or her solidify the ideas through practice. This is where activities come into play. Your child will have to use his or her newfound skills to complete reading and writing assignments.

You can use MCP Comprehension Plus in conjunction with other homeschool programs for Reading (with Reading Street), Spelling (with MCP Spelling Workout) and Phonics (with MCP Plaid Phonics). Doing so will give your child a well-rounded English/language arts education.

By the time your child completes Grade 1, he or she should be able to:

  • Answer questions about a book or story he or she read.
  • Reread stories to increase reading speed.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the information he or she read by creating a picture or diagram.
  • Discuss the plot, characters and events about which he or she read.

By using MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 1, you can accomplish these and other goals. For more information about the specific materials included in this program, visit the Features and Benefits page.