myWorld Geography 

Homeschool Social Studies

Geography education should give your child a good look at the world in which he or she lives. By studying other cultures and the topography of the globe, your child will gain a new perspective. The myWorld Geography homeschool program gives you the opportunity to share Geography lessons with your child.

This curriculum is next step after the myWorld Social Studies series and can be used before or after myWorld History. It’s designed for middle school students to help enhance and test their knowledge of Geography.

Not only does the curriculum develop your child's understanding of Earth's layout, it highlights unique cultures and stories from around the globe. Using the Understanding by Design educational model, myWorld Geography helps you create lessons that engage your student and make the content seem more relevant.

Your child will read stories about students his or her age who live in another country. This practice is meant to teach your child about diverse cultures he or she may not be exposed to outside of homeschool programs. Such an introduction to Geography will develop your child's empathy and knowledge simultaneously.

Additionally, myWorld Geography teaches the connection between location, culture and industry. Because of the resources found in certain areas, the communities planted there form unique economic and cultural systems. Your child will come to understand these relationships and how they foster the development of a country as he or she completes this middle school curriculum.

Each chapter of myWorld Geography begins with an Essential Question that guides your child through the material. The question causes your child to think critically as he or she progress through the chapter, encouraging him or her to search for an answer. Even stories, activities, games, the student journal and projects relate back to the Essential Question.

The content in myWorld Geography brings Geography to life to keep your child engaged in the learning process and perhaps even help him or her discover a passion for the subject. myWorld Geography just goes to show that education can be fun, thrilling and relevant.