A best-selling phonics program with everything from A to Z

All aboard to independent reading! Your child will be singing along and learning letter sounds, vowels, blending, and diagraphs. Sing, Spell, Read & Write is a complete phonics program that’s fun for children and easy-to-teach. It includes clear, well-paced lessons for teaching letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, manuscript handwriting, reading, comprehension, and spelling. Follow the sequence of 36 steps to get your child ready for independent reading. Songs, storybooks, practice workbooks, games, a CD, and an assessment book provide resources and flexibility for teaching with confidence.

Two decades in the making, fun to teach and to learn

For more than two decades, veteran educator Sue Dickson developed and field-tested this program in her own classroom. Where other reading programs were failing the students who were struggling the most, Sue saw first-hand the amazing results her students achieved when she combined music with multimodal teaching strategies. Using look, listen, point, sing-along, and echo routines along with gross motor and fine motor activities, the program actively engages the senses and effectively reaches all types of learners. Today, the program has a proven, nationwide track record and the soundness of such an approach is strongly supported by current research on brain function, language acquisition, and reading. Make learning fun for not only your homeschool student but for you too.

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Shopping Options

  • Choose from Pre-K, Kindergarten, Level 1, or Level 2
  • Shop Combo Home Kits that include a variety of materials listed on the grade level pages
  • Books are sold as standalone as well – just navigate to your grade level and click Shop!

Features & Benefits

  • Saves time. You have more time for teaching because we've provided all the lessons for you.
  • Convenient and economical. You can teach your child all seven areas of Language Arts in integrated, easy-to-use lessons with the purchase of a single program.
  • Appeals to all learning styles. The multisensory instruction is effective with all learning modalities – auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • Builds a larger vocabulary. Your child will master a 1,500-word reading and spelling vocabulary.
  • Instills confidence. Your child will learn word attack skills and decoding techniques to correctly sound out and pronounce 97% of all the words in the English language.
  • Enhances reading comprehension. Sequential storybooks and comprehension questions ensure that your child will understand what they read.
  • Promotes language proficiency. The integrated lessons help children use language proficiently whether reading, writing, or speaking.