Miller & Levine Biology Homeschool

Homeschool High School Biology Curriculum for Grades 9-12

The new Miller & Levine Biology homeschool bundle is here! Developed by two preeminent biologists and passionate educators, Ken Miller and Joe Levine, this blended print and digital curriculum immerses homeschool students in biological inquiry. Students think, investigate, and talk about biology. They interact with natural phenomena through problem-based learning, research, and lab experiments.


Homeschool Biology Bundle Details

  • Student edition
  • 1-year student and teacher digital access to, our award-winning online learning platform

Ignite Curiosity

Authentic case studies and laboratory investigations drive inquiry-based learning. Homeschool students directly interact with science phenomena. They engage in real-world problem solving, science and engineering practices, and data analysis.


Enter a Virtual World of Science!

Ignite curiosity, promote understanding, and inspire learning on Savvas Realize™. In every lesson, homeschool students are engaged through inquiry labs, STEM activities, and interactivities as they investigate key questions, apply science and engineering practices, and interpret data.


Copyright: 2019

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Miller & Levine Biology Homeschool Bundle