Best Homeschool Curriculum: K-12 & Preschool Lesson Plans

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You’ve made the life-changing commitment to give your kids the best education you can. The Savvas Homeschool program supports you in every way.

More personal learning
You’ve bought in to the power of one-on-one education. Nothing is closer to our hearts here at Savvas. Personalized learning is the key to every homeschool curriculum tool we offer you. Based on the latest research about how kids acquire, retain and use learning, our programs let students set their own pace. Assessment tools are built right in so you can always be clear about how they are progressing – without letting your parental biases get in the way.

More curriculum options
You have to cover a lot of ground to school a child in all of the essential subjects and skills – plus the special experiences you aspire to give them. Savvas programs let you cover every base in math, science, reading, social studies and more for kindergarten and grades 1 to 12. You can build your own complete core curriculum or rely on our teaching tools to supplement other materials you have discovered. Either way, you’re working with the best there is: tested tools that are proven to help kids achieve more.

More support for you as a teacher
You’re human. So some subjects come to you more naturally than others. That’s as true now that you’re a teacher as it was when you were a student. Never fear. Savvas builds multiple levels of support into every product. You’ll get lesson plans, teaching guides and other materials. So you can have all of the confidence and authority you want to guide your kids through the exciting learning experiences that are ahead of you.

More ways to say “Hey!”
How do you keep your kids focused and engaged in learning without becoming a nag? Easy. Savvas Homeschool products are loaded with tried and true tactics for keeping students in the groove. You’ll find great storytelling lessons, visual learning with videos, game-style drills, interactive online tutoring, and more. Digital and online components let you take advantage of children’s natural affinity with technology to accelerate learning and develop their 21st century skills.

More affordability
Yes, a home-based education is invaluable, but it has to make sense for your family’s budget. It always will with Savvas. The products and packages in our affordable, value-priced homeschool program make it easy to try new teaching ideas, work with the best tools you could hope for, and still manage costs intelligently.

More achievement, more easily

Bottom line, when you incorporate Savvas Homeschool curriculum products into your plan, your kids will learn better. They will understand and retain more. You will meet your goal of preparing them for college and the real world. They achieve more, and so do you.

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