Savvas Offers the Best First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

1st Grade Homeschool

In first grade you will help your child master important academic skills.  As they continue to develop in reading, writing and math, you can add excitement and variety to their homeschool lessons with science and social studies. 

Language Arts – The reading process in first grade builds crucial language skills in reading, spelling and writing in a variety of ways.  Your child will practice working with letters and their sounds, while taking the first steps to become independent readers. 

Math – Your first grader will connect math to the real world by learning how to tell time, count money, measure, get a feel for shapes and patterns, and begin adding and subtracting. 

Science – Exploration, investigation and fun all blend in learning science.  First-graders are encouraged to use all their senses, observe and then ask questions, and begin to record and talk about the exciting things they are experiencing.

Social Studies – Social studies expands the world beyond your home and immediate community.  Your child will learn about maps, states, countries, U.S. History, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.  


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