Homeschool 3rd Grade Curriculum

3rd Grade Homeschool

Third grade homeschool curriculum focuses on expanding what your child already knows and moving to the next level. Because many kids at this age have a keen interest in how things are put together, your child may develop an interest in rules and logic. As a whole, third-graders tend to be full of enthusiasm, sometimes at the expense of patience. If your child is hesitant approaching more difficult assignments, try breaking the project into smaller, more manageable chunks. Teach your child new ways to approach challenges to develop their reasoning skills and build confidence. Keep in mind your child’s learning style will evolve as they develop and as they are presented with more advanced material. 

Language Arts - During this year, your child will make the switch from learning to read to reading to learn.  They will read, discuss, reflect while strengthening fluency and comprehension skills.  They will learn about the writing process and develop knowledge of the rules of grammar. 

Math - During third grade, you child will move from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.  They will be comfortable with the basics of math. Children will apply math to everyday living - such as estimating, measuring, describing objects in space, and using patterns to help solve problems. 

Science - Science reflects your child’s natural curiosity about how things are put together, by examining how things like machines, plants, the ocean and the solar system work.  Learning is through hands-on experience and using tools during experiments. 

Social Studies - Learning focuses on communities as your child enlarges their understanding of the world around them.  They study the people and history in communities, as well as how communities work.  They will explore the levels of government and compare cultures and physical features of the United States with other nations.


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