Homeschool 4th Grade Curriculum

4th Grade Homeschool

Learning in fourth grade adds problem-solving skills, life skills and good citizenship to the fundamentals of homeschool reading, writing and math lessons.  Your child will begin to connect the dots between the things they’ve learned and what they see and perceive in the world around them.

Language Arts - As your child increases their learning independence, they will be reading chapter books and nonfiction independently.  By reading a variety of texts at home, they will deepen their comprehension and be able to read passages and then answer questions about the content.  They will be able to use context to figure out the meaning of unknown words as well as look them up in a dictionary or glossary.  In addition, your child will be able to retell familiar stories, summarize the main ideas and plot, and identify the characters and settings.

Math - Math takes on a new aspect for your child as they make the connection between classroom concepts and real-world problem-solving.  They will learn more than one way to solve a problem, focusing on the process — not just the solution. 

Science - Earth science, physical science and life science are the heart of fourth grade homeschool science.  Hands-on experience enriches your child’s understanding of matter and forms of energy, like electricity and magnetism.  Discovering how ecosystems operate and how to keep your systems healthy engage imaginations.   

Social Studies - As your child develops a more complex understanding of their own community, they begin to examine the contributions of ordinary people and historic figures.  They will trace historical periods, places, people, events and movements that lead to the development of the U.S. and the role of individual states.   


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