Homeschool 2nd Grade Curriculum

2nd Grade Homeschool

Second grade marks increased independence and a deepening of basic skills.  Your child will master the skills presented in first grade and then use them as building blocks for more complex learning.  The focus in Savvas’s 2nd grade homeschool programs is a natural progression of learning that helps them feel confident and successful.

Language Arts - Your child will have a solid grasp of reading fundamentals like sounds, syllables and rhymes.  As you help them increase their reading skills they will become fluent readers, independently reading and writing. 

Math - You child will encounter numbers in a wide variety of contexts in order to expand their sense of numbers.  The next steps in mastering arithmetic skills, are solving equations and doing simple problems in their head. 

Science - Students continue to explore the world while deepening their knowledge of what science is all about.  Observation, classification, and problem-solving spur their interest and understanding of different aspects of science. 

Social Studies - Second graders learn to expand their world by learning about maps, legends, scales, directions, and to think conceptually.  They are able to compare their own lives with the lives of their parents, grandparents, and famous historical figures.  


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