"Plaid" Phonics: Grade 5 Phonics Program

Savvas Offers the Best Homeschool Reading Curriculum

“The variety of activities and colorful presentation make these workbooks appealing to children, and large print reduces the intimidation factor.” - Cathy Duffy, author of Top 100 Picks for Homeschooling Curriculum


While learning to read can be a tricky process, you can help your child overcome his or her academic obstacles by selecting the right curriculum for homeschool. “Plaid” Phonics was designed with you and your child in mind. Originally known as Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) "Plaid" Phonics and now published by Savvas, our comprehensive K-6 program will help you teach your child the building blocks of language and literacy.  “Plaid” Phonics includes assignments that not only solidify your child's understanding of Phonics, but develop his or her critical thinking and reading-comprehension skills. In fact, the program has been around for more than 50 years and has educated 55 million children in that time.


Grade 5 of “Plaid” Phonics is part of the program's intermediate stage. The content of this curriculum was designed to reinforce foundational Phonics concepts while helping you teach new and important information. By the time your child completes “Plaid” Phonics: Grade 5, he or she will be closer to:

  • Achieving fluency and comprehension of written English.
  • Mastering® key writing skills to make learning meaningful
  • Using phonics skills while reading and writing.


The activities provided in “Plaid” Phonics are engaging and help your child develop his or her ability to build and recognize words and spell with proficiency.  Additionally, with “Plaid” Phonics, you have control over the pace of your child's learning. If he or she is grasping the concepts with ease, you can forge ahead. On the other hand, you'll be able to spend additional time on ideas with which he or she struggles.


 “Plaid” Phonics can be used in conjunction with MCP Spelling Workout. Together, the two programs will allow you to design lesson plans that progress your child's English/language arts education. By introducing Spelling and Phonics concepts simultaneously, you'll ensure your child has a well-rounded understanding of English.


The materials included in “Plaid” Phonics Grade 5 Homeschool bundle will help your child become a skilled lifelong reader.  The bundle includes a student edition, teacher’s edition and parent guide.  For more information, visit the Features and Benefits page.

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