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Savvas Learning Company provides supplemental resources ranging from personalized adaptive learning to blended teacher-led programs.

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Learn to Read Program


Foundational Reading helps students in grades K-2 learn to read using the science of reading.

Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading
A new supplemental K-2 program aligned to the science of reading

  • Targets concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics and the teaching of high-frequency words, and fluency
  • Explicit and systematic multisensory instruction includes a variety of print and digital practice
  • Simple, 3-step lesson design fits within 15-20 minutes of a literacy block

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Build Word Study, Phonics, and Spelling Skills


Words Their Way Classroom is a supplemental literacy program that teaches phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.

Words Their Way Classroom
An ideal complement to core ELA instruction for Grades K-5

  • Develop critical skills in phonics, spelling, and word study
  • Complete digital functionality, including interactive sorts and downloadable learning activities
  • Engaging, hands-on approach to word study

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Handwriting Curriculum


The D’Nealian Handwriting textbook cover and digital view for the continuous stroke, manuscript-cursive handwriting program.

D’Nealian Handwriting
The original K-5 continuous stroke, manuscript-cursive handwriting program

  • Complete streamlined routine with all-new digital functionality, including Interactive Student Practice and Stroke Modeling Animations
  • Print-on-demand additional practice for every lesson

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