Homeschool 5th Grade Curriculum

5th Grade Homeschool

Fifth grade is a time to engage students in problem solving, mathematical reasoning, independent work, recognizing patterns, spatial ability, using equations and basic computations. 

Language Arts - Your child will learn to identify themes, make inferences, and draw conclusions.  They will grow in their understanding and use of strategies to increase their level of comprehension and continue to cultivate appreciation for reading and their ability to communicate through writing.

Math - Fifth-graders will acquire the tools and understanding necessary to succeed in middle school level math homeschool courses by learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with decimals, fractions, and whole numbers.  Your child will learn to use algebraic thinking to solve real-world problems with tables and graphs.  They will learn basic geometric concepts that extend to ideas of length, mass, and volume.  

Science - Exploration, investigation, examination and experimentation help your child develop both intuitive and logical thought processes.  Science helps them compare living things, investigate motion and energy, explore the earth’s changing climate, and examine the human respiratory system. 

Social Studies – Topics from our homeschool social studies programs your child will enjoy include the discovery of America’s roots – the establishment of the colonies, colonial life, pioneer life, Revolutionary war, migration west, democracy and the relationship between the United States and other countries.


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