6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool 6th Grade

Middle School Homeschool

Your sixth grade child will continue to develop their skills in all of the subject areas. At this time you may start seeing them present special interest in one of the areas of homeschool study. Learning happens everywhere, and your child may discover relational aspects of the world they had not understood before.

Language Arts – Continue to encourage your child to continue reading independently. In sixth grade they should understand various types of grammar and literature, possess dictionary skills, and be able to find and use online information.

Math – Building on their math skills, you’ll bring more algebra into their sixth grade homeschool curriculum, and enhance their knowledge of geometry. At this stage, your child should be able to use computers and calculators, do problem analysis, and understand the concepts of averaging and sampling.

Science – You may have a budding scientist on your hands! In sixth grade, they will want to learn more about ecosystems, ecology and environment, nuclear energy, the universe, scientific theory, inventions and discovery and space travel. Use current events to help them understand the importance of this subject.

Social Studies – Citizenship and responsibility are always encouraged for students. As they grow and mature, those skills will help them be successful. Add global and regional studies to their homeschooling curriculum to help them realize the relationships among nations – customs, traditions, beliefs and political and economic systems.


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