Homeschool 7th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Homeschool

Middle School Homeschool

When your child reaches the seventh grade, they are reaching a crossroad physically, emotionally, and mentally. Keep them focused on learning so they are ready for higher-level homeschool instruction.

Language Arts – Help your child improve their literacy skills, and continue to encourage independent reading. Help them understand the library and its many treasures. Extend their reference skills using atlases, directories, encyclopedias, and periodicals in addition to online resources.

Math – Step up your seventh grade homeschool math instruction with increased use of algebraic principles including prime and composite numbers, rational numbers and fractions, ratio/proportion/percent, finite and infinite sets, and development and use of formulas. Continue to include instruction on basic geometry concepts and terms.

Science – Stepping outside means stepping into a science lab. Help your child learn about the atmosphere, rocks/soils/minerals, heat and temperature, properties and uses of water and the effects of weather and climate.

Social Studies – By now, your child is aware of the history of our nation, its beginning and its government. Include the history of other nations – from the middle ages through the renaissance and reformation, scientific revolutions, age of reason, and the industrial age.  Present them with contemporary problems and issues and help them think through the impact of those problems and their solutions.


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