"Plaid" Phonics: Grade 2

“The variety of activities and colorful presentation make these workbooks appealing to children, and large print reduces the intimidation factor.” - Cathy Duffy, author of Top 100 Picks for Homeschooling Curriculum


Teaching your child to read can seem challenging, but fortunately, you have years of knowledge on your side in the form of Phonics instruction. Phonics is a method of teaching reading that combines sound and symbol recognition. By pairing a group of letters with the sounds they make, your child will start to understand how to read the English language. “Plaid” Phonics is a homeschool program that helps you teach your child to read. Originally known as Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) "Plaid" Phonics and now published by Savvas, the “Plaid” Phonics K-6 program will help you teach your child the building blocks of language and literacy. “Plaid” Phonics has a long history of success. For more than 50 years, the program has helped more than 55 million children learn to read.


 “Plaid” Phonics Grade 2 is a beginner's level program geared toward helping your child develop foundational reading skills. During this portion of the “Plaid” Phonics program, your child can focus on developing the following skills:

  • Read simple multisyllabic words, such as "open."
  • Read and understand words with prefixes and suffixes, and be able to isolate the meaning of those prefixes and suffixes.
  • Notice mistakes he or she makes when reading aloud, and correct them.
  • Read age-appropriate words that have irregular spellings, such as "half."


“Plaid” Phonics was designed with plenty of engaging activities meant to help your child become a fluent reader. Each lesson-planning guide is broken into six parts to solidify Phonics knowledge for your child. He or she will learn letter recognition, how to write letters, phonemic awareness and around-symbol correspondence. Every lesson features a Picture Dictionary page. Additionally, an array of multisensory teaching options addresses different learning styles.


You can round out your child's Reading education by teaching Spelling alongside it. In fact, “Plaid” Phonics can be used in conjunction with MCP Spelling Workout. Be sure to select the corresponding MCP Spelling Workout program to ensure the two curricula are teaching your child at the same level.


The materials included in “Plaid” Phonics: Grade 2 Homeschool bundle will help your child become a skilled lifelong reader. The bundle includes a student edition, teacher’s edition and parent guide. For more information, visit the Features and Benefits page.

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