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Encouraging an active college lifestyle

Much of college requires sitting - your son will stay put during classes, study sessions and tests. Therefore, it's important that he counter all of that inactivity with exercise in order to stay healthy. After all, exercise can help reduce stress, boost the mood, improve self-confidence and even prevent cognitive decline. During your homeschool program, fill your son in on these simple tips to stay active throughout college:

Walk or bike to class
Instead of taking public transportation to class, encourage your son to walk if it's nice outside. That 10 minutes of strolling or biking to class each day can really add up.

Opt for the stairs
Tell your son to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever he can. This very quick workout will help strengthen leg muscles and improve the health of his cardiovascular system.

Join a gym
Many colleges have gyms on campus that come with student discounts. These gyms usually offer group classes, like kick boxing, cycling, strength training, etc. Not only are group classes a great method for your son to meet other people on campus, they're a phenomenal way to stay in shape. He can pick and choose classes that he likes, or just hit the treadmill in between study sessions.

Choose an active hobby
If your son played tennis or football in college, encourage him to pursue those hobbies in college as well. Even if he doesn't join a college team, there are still intramural programs on campus that will allow him to continue taking part in activities he likes. When he finds something that he's interested in, it won't even feel like he's exercising.

Find a buddy
Exercising is a whole lot more fun for your son if he's doing it with someone else. Tell him to find a friend who is also looking to stay active. They can head to the gym together or just take the afternoon to play tennis or golf. It's a lot harder to skip a workout when you're being held accountable by someone else.

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