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Adding personality to your daughter's dorm room

Once you've finished your curriculum for homeschooling, your daughter is academically prepared to head off to college. But moving away from home can be tough for a lot of kids. The decor in your daughter's dorm room can help with the adjustment. Filling it with personality and cozy accessories can help her feel right at home. Here's how to help your daughter create a space that reflects her personality:

Lay down a rug
Area rugs can instantly warm up your daughter's dorm room. The rug should reflect the color scheme you chose. You'll also want to know the dimensions of the space before purchasing a rug. This way, you won't end up buying a rug that is way too small or large for your daughter's dorm room.

Decorate cords with washi tape
Have your daughter pack up some washi tape before she leaves for college. This decorative tool is similar to masking tape, but it's made of paper and comes in a variety of patterns and designs. Your daughter can apply this tape to transform ugly cords and chargers into something that she doesn't mind showing off. Washi tape may also be used to dress up doors, walls, textbooks and well, pretty much anything. It's the perfect temporary decor solution to add color and personality to a dorm room.

Hang stringed lights
Add stringed lights to your daughter's headboard or around her ceiling. These lights instantly create a warm and cozy ambiance in the room.

Add poufs
Poufs, similar to floor pillows, are a trendy item in interior design, and they're perfect for college dorm rooms. They don't take up much floor space, offer extra seating and contribute some color and pattern to the space.

Apply removable wallpaper
Most colleges don't allow their residents to paint the walls in dorm rooms, but that doesn't mean that your daughter has to settle for boring white walls. Advise her to use removable wallpaper to instantly transform her dorm room. She can choose her favorite pattern, like polka dots, chevron or stripes, to dress her walls.

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