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How to pull off a successful field trip

Whether you and your daughter are planning a trip to your local museum, apple orchard, pet store or aquarium, getting out of the homeschool classroom occasionally can offer the opportunity for new and unique learning experiences. In order to have a successful field trip that coordinates with your homeschool program, follow these tips:

Plan ahead
When you're trying to think up the perfect field trip destination, consider your daughter's needs. For instance, would she have the attention span necessary for a tour through the museum? Or would an interactive visit to your local animal shelter be a better fit for her? Choosing a location that coordinates with your daughter's learning needs and preferences can help set you both up for a positive and successful experience.

Check the weather
In order to get the most out of a field trip experience, you want to be sure to dress appropriately for the location of your visit. Check the weather before heading out so you can be prepared for rain, snow, sunshine and everything in between.

Review etiquette
The day before you and your daughter have your field trip, make sure to have a conversation with her about the proper etiquette to follow. If you're going to a nature preserve, advise her to stay on the trails instead of straying off. If you're taking your daughter to a museum, encourage her to use her inside voice, and avoid touching any of the items in the exhibits.

Pack snacks
It's likely that your daughter will get hungry before and after lunch, so it's best to bring along some snacks, like crackers, Goldfish, pretzels or apples.

Arrive early
If you've setup an appointment to meet with a tour guide, or any other individual, arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. This will allow you and your daughter to put away coats and backpacks, get settled and gather the necessary supplies such as worksheets or journals for the day's events.

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