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Field trip survival guide

While heading to a museum or park for a field trip will certainly be a blast, it can also be stressful. As the ​instructor for your homeschool program, you have to monitor your daughter throughout the day and take care of the planning details. This can be even more challenging if you're going with a group from your homeschool co-op. Fortunately, being prepared can make the field trip go smoother for everyone.

Get dinner cooking before you go
By the end of your field trip, your daughter will be tuckered out - all the excitement is tiring, after all. When you get home, wouldn't it be nice to have dinner waiting? You can make that happen by setting up a slow cooker before you leave. Fill it with whatever ingredients your stew or soup recipe calls for, and turn the appliance on low. It will slowly cook the food in the hours you're away.

Bring snacks and water
You and your daughter need to stay fed and hydrated as you dart around your field trip location. Without food and snacks, you could become fatigued - then how will you enjoy the day? Consider packing each item in a backpack, and make sure to eat and drink throughout the day. You can even bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up at the location's drinking fountains. Furthermore, avoid giving your daughter sugary snacks, as these will only cause her to crash. Instead, pack healthy options, like fruit, peanut butter cracker sandwiches or veggies. 

Pack a first aid kit
You won't need a complete first aid kit, but having bandages, Neosporin and ibuprofen on hand will help you take care of little issues that pop up. Plus, a day in a crowded field trip destination may induce a headache, and you won't want to have to deal with it for very long.

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