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Visit a food processing plant to encourage healthy eating

Have you scheduled a winter field trip for your homeschool program yet? Field trips are the perfect opportunity for your son to learn from a hands-on experience. Because it can be tempting to fill up on sugar and sweet treats during the holiday season, a field trip to a food processing plant could prove helpful for you and your son. Here are just a few benefits that can come from this educational visit:

1. Opens your eyes
When your son drinks a can of soda or has a few cookies, it's likely he knows that he's consuming sugar. But what he probably doesn't know is exactly how much sugar he's eating. By seeing the amount of sugar that gets put into certain food items, like soda and candy, it may make him think twice about having a second glass of pop or filling up on candy bars. This may raise awareness about the benefits of fresh food so your son makes healthier choices in the future.

2. Samples
Depending on what factory or plant you're touring, you may be able to get your hands on some free samples of whatever is being made. After all, it's OK to indulge every once in awhile.

3. Learn how food is made and distributed
Being able to see first hand how food is prepared and packaged can be a great learning experience for both you and your son. The process often involves large machinery, conveyor belts, cooling rooms, etc. You'll both also learn about how food is distributed and shipped all over the world for people to enjoy. Do some research to figure out what plants or factories might be in your area, whether it's a bakery, a cookie factory or a cheese factory. Make a quick phone call to see if the plant offers educational tours.

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