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Make a travel journal for field trips

The flexibility of a homeschool program allows you and your daughter to learn anywhere, whether it's in your backyard, at the zoo, in a museum or on a farm. When you and your little one make so many visits to various locations, it can be hard for your daughter to recall important details from each field trip. This is why a travel journal can come in handy. Your daughter can bring it with her wherever she goes to keep written thoughts from each of her homeschool field-trip experiences.

Not only is a travel journal great for helping her remember every outing, it can encourage her to practice her writing skills, boost her vocabulary and even act as an emotional outlet. She'll be able to write down how she felt every step of the way, much like a diary. Be sure to jot down contact information within the journal, just in case it gets lost at one of the many locations you visit over the course of your homeschool program.

Instead of using a regular old notebook, how about making a decorative travel journal that your daughter will be excited to write in? Here are a few ideas that you and your daughter can make:

3-ring binder
Fill up a 3-ring binder with plenty of blank, lined pieces of paper. It will be easy to add paper when she needs more. Ask your daughter to decorate a blank sheet of paper with stickers, markers, washi tape, glitter or pipe cleaners. You can then slip the decorated paper into the clear plastic sleeve on the front of the binder.

Dress up an old notebook
Take an empty notebook that you already have lying around at home, and use washi tape to completely transform it. Choose patterns and colors your daughter loves to make the notebook even more appealing to her.

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