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Tips for going on a virtual field trip

As much as you might want to take your son to every historic landmark or educational destination in the world, that can be made difficult for several different reasons, like budget and schedules. This is why virtual field trips are always a wonderful option to help your son learn about a variety of locations. Yellowstone National Park, for example, has live webcams you can see of the park, so it's like you're there. Whichever place you and your son choose to explore, you won't be rushed and can see the location on your own time. Here are some tips for a successful virtual field trip:

Do your research
Before you begin this online field trip in your homeschool program, make sure you check it out yourself. After all, you want to make sure that it's matched up to the curriculum and that it provides enough information for you to turn it into a lesson plan. Another reason why it's good to visit the virtual field trip beforehand is to deal with any technical difficulties. That's something you'll want to have sorted out prior to your lesson plan so you don't lose your son's attention along the way.

Learn before the field trip
It's important to prepare your son for the field trip by delving into background knowledge and setting him up with the right information that will help him get the most out of the virtual experience. Using a globe or a map on the wall, point out the location you'll be visiting so your son can get an idea of where it is in comparison to where you live.

You can also explore into the history of an area to pique his interest. Search through the Web and an array of homeschool books to learn more about any particular destination.

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