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Field Trip Ideas
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Halloween-inspired field trip ideas
As you're planning your October homeschool program, you may want to consider including a few Halloween-related field trips.
How to keep learning after the field trip is over
Field trips offer unique opportunities for learning that your son wouldn't be able to get from a book or a computer screen.
Tips for deciding on the perfect field trip location
When you're planning your curriculum for homeschooling, be sure to include several field trips, as they present fun and engaging opportunities for learning. 
How to pull off a successful field trip
Whether you and your daughter are planning a trip to your local museum, apple orchard, pet store or aquarium, getting out of the homeschool classroom occasionally can offer the opportunity for new and unique learning experiences.
Field trip ideas for when the weather gets chilly
Just because temperatures are starting to drop doesn't mean that you and your son have to complete the curriculum for homeschooling in your living room.
Consider a field trip to the pet store
Field trips offer a hands-on learning experience your son won't get in the homeschool classroom.