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Fun Groundhog Day activities
Groundhog Day is coming up, which means it's the perfect time to introduce the holiday into your curriculum for homeschooling.
How to inspire your child to practice
Whether your child is trying to learn her times tables or has taken up playing a musical instrument, it can be difficult to get her to practice.
4 ways to celebrate Black History Month
February is Black History Month, which means it's a great opportunity to include important aspects of African-American history in your curriculum for homeschooling.
4 tips for keeping your homeschooler focused
It's a reality that parents know all too well: Sometimes, it's just difficult to get kids to stay focused.
Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Every third Monday in January, people in the U.S. celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in memory of the famous leader of the Civil Rights Movement.
4 New Year's resolutions for homeschoolers
With 2015 upon us, it's time to get serious about sticking to the resolutions you made for your homeschool program.