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Rainy day activities for you and your toddler
Rainy days don't have to mean sitting around the house and doing nothing. In fact, inclement weather provides great learning activities that can prep your son for a homeschool program.
Simple kitchen duties for young kids on Thanksgiving
Your daughter may be young, but that doesn't mean she can't play a part in preparing for Thanksgiving.
Teaching your toddler shapes
Much like colors and numbers, shapes are a basic concept that should be worked into your toddler's homeschool program.
Teaching your toddler to follow directions
Being able to follow directions is an integral skill for your son to have because it's one he will take with him through his homeschool program, college and career.
Halloween costume ideas for mom and toddler
Playing dress up with your child comes with a bevy of benefits. 
Set your toddler up for success with these fun games
Your son may not yet be ready for preschool or kindergarten, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare him for it!