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Fun crafts for spring and Easter
Easter is just around the corner and spring is in full swing, making this the perfect time of year to pull out your crafting supplies for a fun lesson.
Top 10 crafting supplies to keep on hand for your toddler
Craft projects are great explorative activities that help young children develop their creativity before they begin their homeschool programs.
The ABCs of learning to spell
Learning to spell is one of the key milestones of early education, and understanding how your little one processes words will make it easier for you to teach her this invaluable skill.
3 reasons why it's important for your child to read aloud
Encouraging your little one to read aloud has so many benefits for her early education.
3 springtime crafts for your little girl
Spring is here! Celebrate the new season with your little girl by creating three new springtime crafts.
3 tips for teaching your toddler to tell time
When your child is young you will probably be focused on teaching him how to count.