MCP Spelling Workout

7th Grade English

Spelling well is a skill your child will use throughout his or her life, so it's important that you provide a quality Spelling education. Of course, just because a curriculum for homeschooling helps you create informational lessons doesn't mean it has to be dull. In fact, the Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Spelling Workout program ensures that your child will not only learn letters, words and their meanings, but that he or she will stay engaged during the education process.

MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 7 is a more challenging program that solidifies your child's understanding of foundational Spelling concepts. As you move on to an appropriate level of difficulty, you want to be sure your child follows along with the lessons. For that reason, MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 7 was designed to be dynamic. You can move at your own pace, going back to certain topics when you need to so you’ll never have to worry about your child falling behind.

The curriculum for homeschooling includes plenty of engaging hands-on activities meant to make learning enjoyable for both you and your child. He or she will complete riddles, puzzles, cross-curricular reading assignments and writing prompts. All these games are fun and educational, helping your child retain interest in Spelling.

MCP Spelling Workout was designed to be used in conjunction with MCP Plaid Phonics. This second program focuses on the sounds of words, teaching Spelling from the perspective of phonics. When used together, MCP Spelling Workout and Plaid Phonics will give your child a complete and well-rounded foundation in Spelling.

MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 7 comes with the materials you need to keep your child moving forward in his or her education. For more information on the specific items included in this program, visit the Features and Benefits page.