"Plaid" Phonics: Grade 3 Phonics Program

Savvas Offers the Best Homeschool Reading Curriculum

“The variety of activities and colorful presentation make these workbooks appealing to children, and large print reduces the intimidation factor.” - Cathy Duffy, author of Top 100 Picks for Homeschooling Curriculum


Teaching your child to read requires him or her to learn to connect sounds and symbols. Phonics, a method of teaching reading, uses those two entities to help your child become a fluent reader. Originally known as Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) "Plaid" Phonics and now published by Savvas, the “Plaid” Phonics K-6 program will help you teach your child the building blocks of language and literacy. “Plaid” Phonics has a 50-year history of success. In fact, it has helped more than 55 million children learn to read. You and your child can be a part of that legacy.


“Plaid” Phonices Grade 3 is meant for children at the beginners' level of reading. Using “Plaid” Phonics, you can help your child learn the foundation of reading. Your child can focus on these key areas:

  • Reading multisyllabic words
  • Reading and understanding words with irregular spellings at an appropriate Grade level
  • Comprehending a Grade-appropriate text while reading at a steady pace
  • Correcting himself or herself when mispronouncing words


“Plaid” Phonics uses hands-on activities to help you create engaging lesson plans. The activities are designed to help your child develop spelling abilities, recognize words in context and use phonics for personal writing and building words using suffixes and prefixes. Not only that, but “Plaid” Phonics also combines reading comprehension with critical thinking.


“Plaid” Phonics complements the curriculum of MCP Spelling Workout, which is designed to teach Spelling skills. By using both homeschool programs, you can help give your child a well-rounded English/language arts education.


The materials included in “Plaid” Phonics: Grade 3 Homeschool bundle will help your child become a skilled lifelong reader. The bundle includes a student edition, teacher’s edition and parent guide. For more information, visit the Features and Benefits page.

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Grade(s): 3